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Davide Lajolo’s Literary Sites

habitual walks of the writer along his village

Davide Lajolo’s Literary Sites follow the habitual walks of the writer along his village, Vinchio (Asti, Italy) visitors can lead through places, hills, woods, tracks and vineyards, the sites and the peasant people tales which inspired Lajolo’s novels. The writer transfigured sites and stories into the symbolic value of literature. Some posters show the visitors the way, stage by stage with explications and extracts from the writer’s books, which refer about the deep relationship between Lajolo and his country.

Davide Lajolo’s Literary Sites offer walks, where nature, rural landscape and cultural enchantments cross each other and give deep emotions to the visitors. The sites’ roads are practicable on foot, by bicycle, on horseback, by car. Free walks.

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Last Saturday in May Ulisse on the hills – Nature, music, art, poetry. Festival of the Natural reserve of Valsarmassa and of Associated Wine Grower’s Cellar of Vinchio and Vaglio Serra. The walk is from the three Bishops Hill to Sea Mountain Hills to The ancient Oak through the Natural Reserve among vineyards and woods. In the stopping places of the walk you can enjoy shows, art installations, concert and poetry, reading and taste food specialities and wine.

Second Saturday in July With the moon and the fireflies in The Saracenic woods. Night-time walk under the full moon light through the woods, lighted up by a lot of fireflies to the Little Valley of Death, where the Marquis of Aleramo defeated the Saracens in 935 a.C. among the fossil shell hills. Reading, theatre show in the wood, tasting specialities.

Third Saturday in August Along the traces of folk memory: following the itinerary of the open air rural Museum about the cycle of the vines in the four seasons of the year. Reading. Tasting specialities and wine.

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